PHP support in one of the best IDEs improving

IntelliJ IDEA is very helpful to me ever since i started writing in Java. Yet i work as a PHP-guy and could not find any refactoring-capable PHP editor. I was a bit upset but then decided to write a plugin and that's what's currently on.


I released the fourth alpha by now. You can download it from SourceForge or from IDEA plugin repository (plugin name is PHP).

The current version has class completion and resolve, go to class action and variable completion as well as syntax highlighting and validation.

Next release will include basic methods resolve and completion.

A lot of other features are planned and if you want to see them soon (and you know Java and have IntelliJ IDEA) - you're welcome to contribute!

Step by step process

syntax highlighting
syntax and grammar errors detection
go to definition/completion for variables
go to definition/completion for classes
go to definition/completion for methods/fields
implements/overrides functionality
rename refactoring
introduce variable refactoring
structure view

If you want to tell me something, send feedback, contribute or whatever, please be sure to write to